Solevaka is a tool. Its real value is in the connections it makes between Pacific policy makers, development practitioners and the private sector and the actions toward elevating the lives of all Pacific people.

Solevaka is an online knowledge and engagement platform designed for development professionals to work together as a community. Our ambition is to accelerate the attainment of the 17 SDGs and Agenda 2030 in line with the Pacific Roadmap for Sustainable Development and the SAMOA Pathway.

Solevaka is designed to complement existing information repositories and data portals by providing:

a space for dynamic dialogue, knowledge exchange and consultation

connections and linkages between people

providing fit-for-purpose collaboration tools and resources to increase the effectiveness of your work

Solevaka’s Value:

Solevaka is designed for the Pacific and supports the principles of “localizing” the way we work to suit the distinct preferences & communication styles of the region. We also recognize the need to over come the unique challenges of distance & isolation imposed by Pacific geography.Let’s get out of the sky and choose the low carbon option of online.

How will we do this?

We will employ creative communication styles that capture Pacific preferences for oral storytelling and community consultation.

We will also keep the technology streamlined and simple with the lowest bandwidth in mind.

We are creating a knowledge bank for relevant reports, official documents and more importantly, undocumented experience and collective intelligence.

Like a seed bank that archives species for future generations, we want to draw upon the wealth of traditional knowledge and experience that can solve development challenges specific to the Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

We are looking for a more seamless transition between online and offline engagement, facilitating greater online collaboration when we are apart to enhance the value of our face-to-face interactions and action toward national and regional SDG targets.

We will enhance the value of your work by creating a seamless transition between our traditional face-to-face interactions and our online spaces.

We are not replacing your meeting, we want to provide space so you can more easily prepare and follow up afterwards without the need to travel.

What is success?

Solevaka will save time, money and reduce the carbon footprint of the development community. We will promote more inclusive regional and global dialogue through consultations that are representing of the viewpoints of more Pacific people.