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Take a look around the Solevaka Platform and you’ll find news, events, articles and open access materials relevant to the development professional.

We act as a community noticeboard and hub where you can come to observe vibrant Communities of Practice discussing issues relevant to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their achievement in the Pacific.

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Members can adjust privacy settings to keep their meeting rooms visible only to invited members. Here your team can take advantage of our collaboration tools, scheduling reminders and deadlines, uploading documents, or hosting private discussions and consultations.

Coordinating activities in the Pacific can be challenging across multiple stakeholder groups and multiple countries. Get out of your inbox and in to Solevaka!

Solevaka was deliberately designed with simple yet flexible functions to accommodate the widest audience with the ability to adapt to your changing needs. If its nonintuitive to use, contact our helpful staff and let us help you set up your first space.