Working together as a community

Solevaka has been designed as an unbranded platform owned by the Pacific development community.

Solevaka represents a substantial investment to support the Pacific region, with an ambition to scale to the wider SIDS community, in an effort to accelerate SDG achievement and implement the SAMOA Pathway.

UNDP will host Solevaka in its first year of operation along with interested partners and key stakeholders. We have a demonstrated reputation as a coordinator and knowledge broker, experience establishing Communities of Practice (COPs) & knowledge networks, and leverage the strong relationships we have built with Pacific organizations.

We intend to support the development community by building genuine and durable relationships with traditional and emerging actors.

Together we will facilitate knowledge exchange and south-south cooperation by leading, advocating & resourcing Solevaka.

We believe that through a multi-stakeholder approach to partnership we can achieve the diversity of thought, expertise and access required to create and support a vibrant SDG community.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Whether it is through financial support, capacity building or through thought leadership, contact our teamto discuss how your organisation can help realise Solevaka’s ambition.