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Bula and Welcome to the Public Finance Management Room.

This PFM Room space is the online information sharing, resources, and communication platform for Civil Societies and citizens across the Pacific Region in relation to Public Finance Management. Here active PFM players will share the work they are doing to help their communites have a better knowledge of how government spends public funds, government priority areas and how they are implemented, and how members of the communuty can engage in National Budget planning to ensure that their community needs can and should be prioritized.

The UNDP PFM project team will be sharing Grant opportunities when they arise and new Pacfic PFM publications in this space and initiating important PFM discussions.

Be sure to be on this spavce regulalry so as to miss out and please share with your network,

Strengthening of Public Finance Management project is funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme 

    There are various ways Civil Society groups can engage in how public funds are used and collected.
    Civic actors in seven countries France, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Philippines, Uganda, and the United States of the America engaged in tax reforms. This was done through campaigns that either proposed and pushed for specific tax reforms or opposed reforms that had been introduced by ther governments. To read the indepth case studies of these civil society groups and their campaigns on tax reforms in their respective countries click here

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    PFM Discussion

    Please share your thoughts on the Public Finance Management Room and how you would like to see it used.

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    Bulewak Mathias said:

    Thanks for adding me to
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    Marine Destrez said:

    Check this very interesting webinar on Green Recovery:

    Check out the Citizens budget of your country and that of other countries in the region- see link to the left.
    Let us know what you think.