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Matt Manukuo -

Environmental activists in Tonga are preparing to teach Tongans how to produce solar power in the wake of the devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami.  

The disaster has destroyed homes, cut communication lines, and caused major power outages. The goal is to help build greater resilience in the Pacific following natural disasters, says Joseph Sikulu, managing director of the organisation 350 Pacific.

“Next month we are launching our solar scholars training that will be running on the island.  This teaches communities how to pull together solar power packs with bits and pieces from the hardware store, to ensure they have access to power in the aftermath of disaster”. 

The Charge TekPak is a portable solar generator made for off-grid use. First used in the Philippines, the training to make these solar packs proved useful during natural disasters. 

The TekPak can power LED lights, charge mobile phones and has basic medical, and communication uses, providing power for communities without electricity.

Sikulu says this will be beneficial after the severe impacts of the eruption.


Activists help Tongans build resilience in wake of disaster