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A new illustrated Ocean book for children of the Blue Pacific has been launched by the Forum Secretary-General and Pacific Ocean Commissioner, Dame Meg Taylor. 

Titled “Our Sea of Islands, Our Blue Pacific” the children’s book aims to build awareness around the richness of our ocean heritage and our obligation as custodians of the biggest ocean in the world, said Dame Meg. 

“We come from an Ocean Continent that is rich in resources and for whom the Ocean is a central part of most of our cultures” 

In a special Children’s reading on 14 January 2021, Dame Meg emphasised the importance of protecting the rich natural resources around us. The book also articulates a Blue Pacific Pledge that all children are encouraged to take up. 

“It is my challenge to you the young generation, and I hope it will create lasting behavioural change that our ocean currently deserves now and for generations to come.” 

The book will be made available and distributed widely throughout the Blue Pacific region, through the Office of the Pacific Ocean Commissioner.


New Ocean book for kids launched by PIFS outgoing Secretary General, Dame Meg