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By the Solevaka Team

The private sector in the Solomon Islands has begun developing sustainability reports paving the way for the private sectors to actively engage in the localization of the sustainable development goals.

The sustainability reports not only align to SDGs but importantly promote corporate social responsibilities of the companies as well.

“In this way, we aimed to make the private sector to get familiar with SDGs by learning they can contribute to advance it by fulfilling their existent CSR activities. The goal of this project is to embed SDGs into the DNA of the private sector. We have mainly promoted this project to the members of the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) to foster the virtue cycle environment between private companies, SICCI, and government,” said Hunjai Lee, the Partnership and Entrepreneurship Specialist of UNDP in the Solomon Islands.

A few companies have recently published their reports in the Solomon Islands and these include Solomon Telekom Company Limited (STCL), Jedome Organic Fruit and the Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands to name a few.

Of the 17 SDGs, Our Telekom focused on seven goals and these can be viewed here

Other sustainability reports can be accessed here

Private Sector in the Solomon Islands lead the way with sustainable development reports