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In 2019, FAO conducted a workshop for the Pacific region to raise awareness on SDG 14.b and the important linkages to relevant regional and global frameworks, as well as to help strengthen capacities of member countries to collect and compile relevant data and information for reporting on SDG indicator 14.b.1. The workshop recommended that further guidance is needed to assist Pacific Island Member Countries to better understand and to consequently improve reporting on the SDG 14.b.1 indicator. The internationally agreed methodology for reporting on SDG indicator 14.b.1 is based on countries’ responses to three questions found in the online FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) survey.

The guidance document therefore provides detailed, practical guidance in the context of the Pacific, on the process for responding to the three FAO CCRF survey questions relating to SDG indicator 14.b.1, highlighting important links to relevant information including Pacific regional frameworks on coastal fisheries.


Reporting on Sustainable Development Goal Target 14.b and its indicator 14.b.1