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Our new Community of Practice on eradicating poverty and reducing inequalities (SDG 1 and SDG 10) is now open, feel free to join us here new COP.  We have hosted our first two online discussion questions, one for LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and another on how communities are coping with the impact of COVID-19 on local economies.

The summaries of these discussions are available on the site.

As tourism is so vital to vibrant economies in Pacific SIDS, the COP, in August will host a series of one-hour webinars to showcase innovative approaches for a cautious but safe re-opening of tourism with the ongoing pandemic.

Solutions from Cook Islands, Palau, Fiji, and New Zealand will be shared. In addition, we will hear from a few Caribbean SIDS, which face similar challenges on the other side of the world: Bahamas, Belize, and Cuba.

Some of the approaches to be featured will include single-country tourist sourcing, opening limited to remote and isolated locations, COVID-safe protocols, “Gold Star” hotel certification, smartphone apps to manage and screen incoming tourists, and vaccine tourism.

More details are to be available soon!


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