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Many families in Tonga who rely solely on the ocean for their food and income continue to struggle to recover from last month’s  volcanic eruption and tsunami.

The natural disasters were a major blow to 74-year-old Fangupō Lātū, from the village of Pātangata. His fishing boat was sunk and destroyed during the tsunami, leaving him unable to make a living.

However, he is also worried about how the crisis is affecting his community. “My village’s main source of income and livelihood come from the ocean, but the waves damaged the majority of our boats” he says.

“We sold seafood daily, but now there’s none. Anyone whose boat was not destroyed no long goes fishing, due to toxicity warnings”, he adds, referring to fears associated with the ash fall that blanketed Tonga’s islands following the volcanic eruption.


Tonga's devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami leaves fishing communities additionally vulnerable