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Real threat from rising sea level has forced Tuvalu to future proof its existence as a nation despite considerable challenges.

In what it calls its “worst case scenario” preparation, Tuvalu’s recently unveiled “Future Now” project is an effort to preserve as much about the island nation as possible using new technology and before it is completely submerged.

“Under my Ministry’s Future Now Project, Initiative 2 comprises efforts to secure international recognition of Tuvalu’s Statehood as permanent and its existing maritime boundaries as fixed despite the effects of sea level rise and climate change on Tuvalu’s land territory,” Tuvalu’s Minister for Justice, Communications and Foreign Affairs Simon Kofe told PACNEWS.

Known as “Te Ataeao Nei” in the local language, the project has three broad Initiatives, of which Initiative 2 is the most challenging as it anticipates the continued recognition of Tuvalu as a sovereign nation even when it no longer physically exists as an island.


Tuvalu races against time and tide in “Future Now” project