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Public Finance Management Community.


This is the platform where PFM key players in the region can come together to share information, knowldege and resources to be able to have stronger and united voice to keep our goverenments accountable on the use of public funds.
Resources shared will include publications and learning materials and other Pacific PFM content throughout the course of the year.
Interractive online activities, spotlighting of CSO and inPFM champions in the region and Webinar will will be shared on this platform.
The platform will also be where Call for Grants and Innovation call for the PFM UNDP project will be shared. 
In essence this will be one stop shop for everything PFM related in the region. Do not miss out and invite others to be part of the work thst is everybodys business - having a say in how public funds are used to ensure that services and funds reach where they are needed.


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